August 06, 2008

Enchanted Gardens and My Very First Blog Game

A few posts back, I'd mentioned I've been invited to be on the Creative Team over at KJoi Studios. They are a great group of people over there and I've really enjoyed my time spent with them. There's always lotsa love left for your hard work which is really really cool and something I always enjoy and appreciate. While wandering around their shop, I found this great kit "Tender Feelings" by Sabs and snatched it right up. It's an awesome kit with so many cool goodies to play with. Perfect for the fantasy type LO's I obviously loooove to make LOL!!!! Here are a couple I made yesterday with it.

"Tender Feelings"
"Enchanted Garden"
A few posts back, I also mentioned I wanted to play a "blog game" to share the magic and good Karma that my little crystal experiment has brought to me (see my July posts of "Fairy of Sparkle Dusting", "Fairy of Just Peachy Keen" and "Lucky Charms").

We'll, I don't know much about blog games so it's been a booger figuring out what I was gonna do but I think I've finally come up with something PERFECT for my first game. As this idea of mine is all about sharing the love and good Karma my little crystals have brought me, for my first game, I've decided to put the names of all ya'll that have left love on my blog in a hat. Then my little guy will pull out a name and that will be the winner.

If that person does not wish to participate, then we'll keep pulling out names until we find one that does. You will have to be willing to give some kind of address for me to mail it to you so I understand not everyone will wish to do this. I've decided since my birthday is so close and I looove looove looove to share the love, we will draw our first name then, August 14. (Besides, this just might keep my mind off the fact I am turning 45 LOL!!!!!) So if you stumble in here between now and then, it's not to late to get your name in that hat. Just leave a little comment on any of my posts or LO's. Take care now and you all have a safe and happy day today.


Andrea said...

Awww your layouts are dreamy as usual!! Very beautiful!

Thanks for adding my name to your blogger game! I'd love to play!!


Andrea said...

BTW - I just LOVE your playlist!!!

Tami (MrsRomer) said...

Happy early birthday! Mine is today, my little one's is the 10th, my Mom on the 15th! Leo's are the best! lol

agree on the playlist! i love Enya.

Leaonna said...

Beautiful Layout hun...way to go..i cannot wait to get you some kits..sorry i been so busy im gonna send you a link today...

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

45's not bad. I turned 46 in March and that wasn't too bad either. Have a great day.

Designed by K & Designed by Zee said...

45? You don't look a day over 25 :)
I feel privileged to be chosen to play in your blogger game! I'd love to play :) And those new layouts are absolutely gorgeous!

Hugs K

Anonymous said...

Beautiful LO's and love your blog. Welcome to Busy Scrappin as a CT member. If you'd like to see my kits, to work with, click on Latte' Dah Designs link and let me know if you want any of my kits. :) Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Aeryn said...

Your layouts are beautiful!! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog & I appreciate the entry in your blog game:-D
Happy Upcoming Birthday!! My birthday is coming up too, just before yours :-). Mine is on the 10th, I'll be 48 :-D

Jody :-)
New Blog -

Kim B said...

OOOh girl how cool are those LO's!!- you are on a roll with those and they all look STUNNING!!Congrats with Jen too- I LOVE that kit too!
LOVE the game idea,
sending you hugs and loves

Monica said...

Aww you are just too sweet! Hope you have a great birthday!

Chrmd said...

Luna these layouts are beautiful! I love how you got the second one to look like it fits so perfect behind the vine!!

Leaonna said...

Love these layouts and i been trying to tag you but 4 shared is acting up...figures..((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pamela. We share the same birthday! How about that. Thank you so much for the sparkles. They are beautiful.