August 29, 2008

Back to School YAY!! An AWESOME sale and a cool Award

Good Day Ya'll!!! I want to start this post off with WONDERFUL news. One of my absolute favorite designers, Jen at Chaos Lounge is having a sale. 25% off everything in her store over at Digital Candy. Be sure to go take a peek and grab you some goodies. She's an awesome awesome designer and I'm not just saying that because I'm on her CT LOL!!!!!
Here is a peek at her newest kit, "Fall Leaves Fall" a collaboration done with her sister Bonnie at Bonnie van Esch Designs. Another awesome designer who's work I admire. Both make such fun kits to play with. I really love the bold vivid colors of this kit and the elements and papers are just awesome to play with.
Here is a LO I did. This is my little guy on his first day at kindergarten. Doesn't he look so proud of himself ya'll LOL!!! I took some "before and after" pics to make more layouts. On the way to school, bright happy full of smiles, after school, not so bright, more red faced and sweaty, and a little less happy, more like a little pouty ROTF. It takes awhile for these little ones to adjust to a full day of school.
I am a waaaay behind on this but I wanted to share with ya'll that Chrmd and Chrming Scraps and Snowtig from Snowtigz Scrapz and Photoz have both presented me with this awesome "I love your blog" award. How cool is that. Thanks so very much ladies MWUAH!!!!!

I am about to go out the door, but I will be back later today to update this post with my 7 nominees to share the love with and hopefully a freebie QP so check back soon :-)

August 20, 2008

Pretty Girls With Pretty Curls

I played with Jen's lovely new "Summer's End" kit again today. My family is going to have me busy for weeeeeks making more layouts with it LOL!!!! That's ok, I'm just happy they like them and have a special keepsake they'll always cherish :-) I pulled out some wedding pictures from Prague to play with today and made a "Pretty Girls with Pretty Curls" layout.
You can snag "Summer's End" for yourself from Jen's store over at ESS. I am very very proud to announce that Jen has asked me to be a member of her CT permantly!!! I am soooo happy!!! Now I can leave my "Doodlin with Chaos Lounge" blinkie up. Yay!!! I was really likin how it was looking over there (big smiles). And Yippy YAY!! I have another awesome announcement to make!!! My dear friend Tragedy Anne has asked me to be a partner with her at her new store Keepsake Creators. YAY!! I have a store!! I don't have one single thing to sell, but by golly I have a store ROTF! Have ya'll EVER known anyone to do things as backwards as me LOL! All kidding aside, I am very proud she's asked me to join her. Our, or I should say HER Grand Opening is September 1st so be sure to check back then for a "Grand Opening" goody made special just for ya'll MWUAH!!

Tragedy Anne has given me another lovely lovely surprise today, the "Trusted Friend Award". I've been blessed to have you as my friend Kat. Thank you so very much for this special award(big big squishes). And a big thank you, for being the awesomely wicked friend you have always been!!!!! I loves ya right back kid!!

I didn't even have to think about whom I wanted to share this with, I knew immediatly. I know ya'll ALL have been awarded, tagged, and blog gamed over and over, but this one's special to me, it's from my heart so you get it anyways, shoot me later LOL!!! I am passing this on to Kim B at Kim B Designs, Beth Long at Beth by Design, Andrea at the Dickensons, and Jen at Chaos Lounge. Thanks so very much for the awesome awesome support and kindness you all have shared with me these past several weeks. And thank you so very much for being the special ladies you are :-)

Before I end this long long post LOL, I want to share one more freebie with you all while I have time. I've got a busy busy two weeks coming up with school starting and won't be around much. My cousin really liked her layout so I made ya'll a matching QP. You can CLICK HERE to download it. Comments are always welcome and a little love always appreciated. A huge Thank you goes to Jen at Chaos Lounge for her the use of her lovely lovely "Summer's End" Kit. Comments are always welcome and a little love appreciated :-)

August 19, 2008

"Kiriena Cho Cho" and a QP Freebie

Melanie Morales over at Busy Scrappin has made an awesome new kit "Kiriena Cho Cho". What a cool name. Kinda sing songy, "Kireina Cho Cho" LOL!!!! I love the dark rich colors and oriental theme of this kit. Perfect for these dark photo's my son took prom night. I've been DYING to play with this picture but I didn't have the right kit. As soon as I seen this one, I knew this was it LOL!!

I've also made a QP for ya'll. A little love is always appreciated, and comments always welcome. I would love to see anything ya'll use and will gladly share it here on my blog if you'd like, just leave a comment and a link so that I can find you :-)

CLICK HERE to download "Cho Cho QP"

August 18, 2008

The Earth Laughed in Flowers Today :-)

OOOhhh, look at this lovely new kit "Summer's End" from Jen at Chaos Lounge ya'll!!! Just beautiful!! These are my favorite favorite kind of kits to play with. A little Mother Nature meets a little fantasy and Sparkle.

Jen's new kit is perfect for those fantasy type layouts I love to do and for sunny days with pretty smiles. This big beautiful smile belong's to one of my son's friends from school. I found a whole slew of pretty pictures on his desk so I snagged them all to play with LOL. That's ok, the girls don't mind. They looove getting the pretty layouts I make with them and my son loves delivering them ROTF!!!

Huge Designer's Contest and Lotsa Freebies

K-Joi Studios has a huge huge Designer's Contest going on right now. And GREAT NEWS!! You get all their kit entries for free!!! YAY!!! You can pick them up at their SHOP. All they ask is if you download any parts, to please evaluate them then go vote for your 4 favorites HERE. Then go to their GALLERY and leave a little love on the ones you liked. Downloads, comments, and votes all count toward the designers scores. And more great news!!! This is only week one. They have three more weeks to go, each week a different theme!! TOO COOL!!!! I can't WAIT for next weeks theme, it's my favorite, FANTASY!! Could ya guess LOL!!!

This weeks theme was vintage, shabby, heritage, altered or collage. There were some looovely lovely papers in this batch ya'll. I had a hard time picking just a couple LOL!! Here is a "vintage" layout I did with the parts I downloaded.

August 17, 2008

"I Intend to Inspire" and QP Freebies

Hello Every One!!!! Several of ya'll really liked the bright colors of my Humming Birds layout, so I decided to make it into a quick page for ya'll. Credits go to Leaonna at Busy Scrappin for her "Humming Bird Juice" kit. It was a lovely lovely kit to play with. I also added a little sparkle using Kim B's sparkle overlay from her "I Believe for Girls" Kit. Thanks to all that left a little love here and at my galleries. This one's for ya'll MUAH!!!

We were wandering around Chaos Lounge's Shop over at Digital Candy the other day and my daughter INSISTED we snag Jen's "Dear Diary" kit LOL. She said it's "PERFECT" for making back to school goodies for her classmates. She's been working on a couple bookmarks and other goodies that I'll share with you all later once she's finished :-)

Here is a freebie QP I made for ya'll. A little THANKS
for those who've left a little love here and at 4shared.
It's always appreciated and inspiring :-)
Click Here to download "Inspire QP"

August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me and the Winner Is :-)

KRISI from Krisi's Creations!!!!! Congratulations Krisi. You are the first winner of my little"Crystal Give Away" game I'm playing here on my blog. We put all the names of everyone who has stopped by and left a little love in a hat tonight. We pulled your name outta that hat :-) YaY!!!!! I'll be visiting your blog to leave instructions on how to recieve your gift should you wish to accept it. Tomorrow I'll update this post with a picture of the crystals Kirsi has won. I plan to play a few more of these blog games. Who knows, you might be the next winner!! BIG SMOOCHES!!!!

Ok, I got online tonight ya'll and found a lovely lovely ending for a perfect day. I had a mailbox full of Birthday goodies waiting for me. Thanks sooo very much to the folks over at Digi Shop Talk and K-Joi Studios for all the awesome birthday gifties. YA'LL ROCK!!! MUAH!!!!!

I also had another goody waiting for me YAY!!!! I am a guest CT for Jen over at Chaos Lounge this month and she has generously shared her new CU goody "Build Me A Garden" with me to play with. WOO HOOO!!!! I looove looove looove this and can't wait to play with it. Look at all the cool goodies ya'll!! You can snag it at Jens shop over at Digital Candy. Be sure to check out her store and blog. She is an awesome awesome creator, one of my favorites :-)

August 12, 2008

Climbing Trees QP Freebie

I've been wanting to play at making Quick Pages for awhile now. I've gotten such nice comments about my "Blowing Bubbles" layout that I decided to play with Jen's "Climbing Trees" kit again for my first try. I wasn't planning to share it, just play a little, but actually, I really liked the way it turned out. The "Climbing Trees" kit has been a blast to play with!!!. Just click onto the preview to download my QP. And lookee here ya'll. I learned how to make a preview!! Hot dog LOL!! Now I have to go fix that pitiful excuse of a preview I'd made for my "Sparkle Swirls Freebie" ROTF!!

Here is the quick page in action. Just click onto it for a better look.

Yippee's and Yay's Part Two - I've been tagged :-)

As I mentioned in the previous post, Leaonna over at Busy Scrappin has tagged me. Thank you for thinking of me Leaonna and the HUGE compliment of tagging and awarding me the same day!!! That was so sweet and just made my whole week MUAH!!!!

These are the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok ya'll, I am a TRUE Leo and we can be a self centered bunch at times (or, so I've been told anyway....yeah, whatever!! ROTF) so this is right up my alley :-)

My Random 7 Facts are:

1. I am and loooove being a back porch musician, meaning I would rather be on the back porch playing with family and friends any day than in front of a crowd of people.

2. I play fiddle and guitar, fiddle being my absolute favorite as I looove looove irish folk music. Listening too and playing along is a natural high for me LOL, just stirs something deep within my soul!!!!

3. Music is obviously my passion and my children are soooooo my magic!!! Both help keep me a strong woman and have carried me safely through the rough seas that life will toss us around in from time to time.

4. My favorite "rainy day" movie is Open Range. When Robert Duvall gives his little speech at the cafe mmm mmmm mmmm, definately my favorite part of the movie!!! My Hero LOL!!!!

5. My favorite "Star" encounter: Myself and my best friend Cindi had been light heartedly flirting with this cute guy sitting at the table next to us, just inches away, in our favorite blues bar "Antones" in Austin Texas. There had been a few winks here and there, some smiles and laughs, and a couple of fun fun hours spent jumping up and dancing amongst our tables when the music was smokin. But the part I treasure most, was the laughs and claps shared for these two elderly, and I do mean ELDERLY women, snazzed up in their Sunday best, just JAMMIN and having a blast a few tables over. It was awesome to see and these two ladies set such a "magical" tone for every one in the bar that night, they had the house rockin!!! All of a sudden the whole bar started shouting "Bruno Bruno Bruno". As I was shouting over the crowd to Cindi "Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis is here", jumping up and down trying to see him, that cute guy at the next table, stood up, walked a little ways from the table into the light, turned, winked at us then flashed this huge smile as he turned back to jump onto the stage. OMG Ya'll!! I will ALWAYS have a huge huge crush on Bruce Willis LOL!!! He is most definately a charming, fun, very nice man.

6. Least favorite "Star" encounter: Don Johnson!! Seen him at Farm Aid in Austin Texas and he had the NERVE to insult Texas Women in the very first sentence he spat out his mouth. Well, let me tell you, Karma bit him in the butt cause not long after that, while he was filming a movie at the old mill in Luling (my home town btw..wicked wicked grin), his daughter was born in AUSTIN TEXAS LOL!!! Tooooo funny ROTF!!!!

7. And lastly, a little "personal" info about myself:-). Where as my mother is "Urban Chic" I am most definately "Old Hippy". She faces her day, calmy walking out the door, accessories perfectly matched...just lovely!! Where as I on the other hand, am lucky if I remember to brush my hair and slip on sandles as I'm RUNNING out the door because I'm late again!!! She swears I was switched at birth LOL!!!!

Seeing as to how I'm fairly new to the scrapping world, I don't know
7 more people to award or tag. I'm so sorry ya'll. but here are 5 that
I would love to tag whom have left such nice comments and visit me
from time to time :-)
1. Snowtig at Snowtig Scrapz n Photoz
2. K at Carolina Girl Scrap Creations
3. Andrea from The Dickensons
4. Krisi at Krisi's Kreations
5. Aeryn at Munchkin Scraps

Yippee's and Yay's!!!!!

I've won the "Brilliant Blog" award again. THANK YOUUUU Leaonna!!!! This go round, I've decided to share it with a few fellow newbies like myself. They are doing a GREAT job and most definately deserve a little pat on the back :-)

1 goes to Snowtig Scraps and Photoz. As she's learning, she shares her results with us as a freebie. When ever she uses a tutorial, she posts a link so that we can go play as well. Lovely blog Snowtig!! Keep up the good work.

2 goes to Chrmd at Chrmd Scraps. We met in our Yahoo Group and I remember when she first started. As she's been learning she's shared some wonderful freebies with us and has really come a long way fast. Great work Chrmd!!!

For 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 I've chosen a few ladies I met from the "Backyard Playground Collab", who btw, has a new Collab for us "Zoo Spirit" which looks just as FUN as Backyard Playground" was. Wonderfully fun kits for mom's to play with their kiddo's pictures and freebies no less!! Too cool ya'll and thanks so very much for sharing them with us!!! Many of these ladies were beginners and Backyard Playground was their first time out making scrap kits. Ya'll did an AWESOME job ladies!!!!

Latte Da Designs
Lori at Scripity Scrap
Kimberly at City Scribes Scrap
Random Inspirations by Monica
Stacy at Nicoal Goes Digi Scrappi

There are some great kits, lotsa cool freebies, and some AWESOME AWESOME ladies to meet at all the blogs I've picked so be sure to stroll by for a visit when you have time.

If you accept this award it has a few rules:
1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.

Okee doke, that was the YIPPEE. Now for the YAY LOL!!! Leaonna has also tagged me. Thank you Leaonna, a lovely surprise and my very first time tagged. I'll be back shortly to share a little about myself ;-)

August 11, 2008

Playing in the "Humming Bird Woods" and a Humble Thank You

YEAH!! I've been tagged, won an award, and found a lost laugh today!!! Leaonna over at Busy Scrappin has tagged me and given me the "Brilliant Blog" award as well. What a lovely surprise. Thank you Leaonna. Hmmm, this will take a little bit of thought, so I will have to post my picks tomorrow and when I'm done, I'll share a piece of my little world with ya'll :-) Maybe then I'll tell ya'll about that lost laugh LOL!!

I want to thank you all that stopped by and left all the sweet comments on "My Blog Game" and "Sparkle Swirls Freebie". Wow, we have a lot of Leo's in the house LOL!!!! How cool is that. Well "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you as well Ladies. I wish you all a wonderfully happy day on your special day MUAH!!!!.

And more good news to share. YAY!! (Ya'll, seriously, I CAN'T WAIT to share my crystal's with that lucky winner of my blog game. I really should name that game LOL!! Uh Oh, I just got a WONDERFUL idea. I believe I just found the theme for my next blog game ;-)
OK....back to the subject, I'm so easily distracted ROTF!! I've been asked to join the CT team over at Busy Scrappin. Thank you sooo very much ladies. I'm honored to be there. Today I played with Leaonna's "Humming Bird Juice". When I was done, I went back and added a little sparkle using an overlay from Kim B's "I Believe for Girls" just cause I was feeling kinda "sparkly" today :-)

August 07, 2008

Sparkle Swirls Freebie

Hi Ya'll, as promised, here is my first freebie!! YEAH!! I probably should of waited until I learned how to make better previews, name tag for said preview, a little more about 4shared, and oh, a whole slew of other things, but OH WELL!!! I couldn't wait to share them with ya'll LOL. I made these sparkle swirls for others like me who loooove to make fantasy type layouts. You can always use a little swirl here and there ;-) I would love to see what ya'll use them for. You can click onto the image to veiw the larger pic that shows the sparkles a little clearer. Happy Scrappin!!!!!

Click HERE to download. You can check out my "Hocus Pocus" post to see the bottom right swirl in action. Also, if you'd like to play my blog game, be sure to check the previous post, "Enchanted Gardens".

August 06, 2008

Enchanted Gardens and My Very First Blog Game

A few posts back, I'd mentioned I've been invited to be on the Creative Team over at KJoi Studios. They are a great group of people over there and I've really enjoyed my time spent with them. There's always lotsa love left for your hard work which is really really cool and something I always enjoy and appreciate. While wandering around their shop, I found this great kit "Tender Feelings" by Sabs and snatched it right up. It's an awesome kit with so many cool goodies to play with. Perfect for the fantasy type LO's I obviously loooove to make LOL!!!! Here are a couple I made yesterday with it.

"Tender Feelings"
"Enchanted Garden"
A few posts back, I also mentioned I wanted to play a "blog game" to share the magic and good Karma that my little crystal experiment has brought to me (see my July posts of "Fairy of Sparkle Dusting", "Fairy of Just Peachy Keen" and "Lucky Charms").

We'll, I don't know much about blog games so it's been a booger figuring out what I was gonna do but I think I've finally come up with something PERFECT for my first game. As this idea of mine is all about sharing the love and good Karma my little crystals have brought me, for my first game, I've decided to put the names of all ya'll that have left love on my blog in a hat. Then my little guy will pull out a name and that will be the winner.

If that person does not wish to participate, then we'll keep pulling out names until we find one that does. You will have to be willing to give some kind of address for me to mail it to you so I understand not everyone will wish to do this. I've decided since my birthday is so close and I looove looove looove to share the love, we will draw our first name then, August 14. (Besides, this just might keep my mind off the fact I am turning 45 LOL!!!!!) So if you stumble in here between now and then, it's not to late to get your name in that hat. Just leave a little comment on any of my posts or LO's. Take care now and you all have a safe and happy day today.

August 02, 2008

Bubbles and Adventures

Good Day Ya'll, I got great news the other day. Jen over at Chaos Lounge asked me if I would like to be a guest Creator for her this month and I of course said YES YES YES!!! I just looove her kits and I was most definately not disappointed with her newest kit "Climbing Trees". I loooove the doodle tree and accents and the kids of course looove looove looved the cute little critters!! Here are two layouts I made with this kit. There are many many goodies to play with and so many different things you can do with this kit if you let your imagination run wild. Be sure to go take a peek at Jen's Gallery over at Digital Candy (a very cool and fun place to hang your hat btw) to see all the other cool layouts others have made with it.

"Blowin' Bubbles"