August 11, 2008

Playing in the "Humming Bird Woods" and a Humble Thank You

YEAH!! I've been tagged, won an award, and found a lost laugh today!!! Leaonna over at Busy Scrappin has tagged me and given me the "Brilliant Blog" award as well. What a lovely surprise. Thank you Leaonna. Hmmm, this will take a little bit of thought, so I will have to post my picks tomorrow and when I'm done, I'll share a piece of my little world with ya'll :-) Maybe then I'll tell ya'll about that lost laugh LOL!!

I want to thank you all that stopped by and left all the sweet comments on "My Blog Game" and "Sparkle Swirls Freebie". Wow, we have a lot of Leo's in the house LOL!!!! How cool is that. Well "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you as well Ladies. I wish you all a wonderfully happy day on your special day MUAH!!!!.

And more good news to share. YAY!! (Ya'll, seriously, I CAN'T WAIT to share my crystal's with that lucky winner of my blog game. I really should name that game LOL!! Uh Oh, I just got a WONDERFUL idea. I believe I just found the theme for my next blog game ;-)
OK....back to the subject, I'm so easily distracted ROTF!! I've been asked to join the CT team over at Busy Scrappin. Thank you sooo very much ladies. I'm honored to be there. Today I played with Leaonna's "Humming Bird Juice". When I was done, I went back and added a little sparkle using an overlay from Kim B's "I Believe for Girls" just cause I was feeling kinda "sparkly" today :-)


Stacey said...

What a great layout! You've done a fantastic job with this, wow.

Andrea said...

Congrats on being asked to join a CT!!! Your layouts are always AMAZING, you totally deserve it!!