December 18, 2008

Time Anewed and Renewed

I thought I'd take a break from all the cooking I've been doing to get on here a minute and share a few goodies with you all. I have my FOURTH batch of Tamales in two weeks steaming on the stove and another batch of pies in the oven so I've been living in the kitchen recently. That's ok, it's one of my favorite places to be :-)

I'm am running out of time though so I wanted get on here in time to give you all a peek at this cool cool New Years kit "Time Anew" out by Kim Broedelet. 35% off. OMG Ya'll!! I looove looove all the sparkly goodies, perfect for your New Years layouts. Kim made us so many, she even has a "special folder" FUUULLL of them. That's my favorite folder LOL!!! The kit was PERFECT for my handsome guy's Tux pic. This is my middle son. He loooves to dress up. Get's that from his mom (smile).
Here's a peek at all the other goodies in the kit. Kim and the rest of the CT team have been busy making loads of goodies and some AWESOME layouts with this kit. Be sure to stop by Kim's blog for some eye candy and to find the links to more goodies and freebies.
I made my layout into a "New Years" QP for ya'll.
You can CLICK HERE to download it.
I also made a few more gift tags this week to go with some wrapping paper I had. There are two sheets, 12 tags per sheet so the tags are a little bigger than you would buy. I like that better, easier to cut for me to cut without my glasses LOL!!
CLICK HERE or the preview to download.
I just HAVE to show you this picture of my "LITTLE GUY". I have a feeling he's about outgrown that nickname LOL!!! He is only 6 and is as tall as Santa!!!! He's like two to three heads taller than all the kids in his class. He looks so funny in his little kindergarten desk. The pee wee football coach has had his eye on him since he was two, asks me every time I see him "is he old enough yet???" LOLOL!!
For those that liked the gift tags I shared last post and mentioned they would make cool Christmas Cards, I've whipped up these Photo Cards for ya'll. There are these two green and a couple red ones included as well.
CLICK HERE or the preview to download.
Well, my house is smelling wonderful right now. The spices of the tamales are wafting in here YUM!!! Smells like it's time for tamales, my special "Guaca Mauca" sauce and a Frozen Margarita. Pay-off for all the hard work these past two weeks LOL!!! You all take care and if I don't get back here before then, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL Christmas!!!

December 09, 2008

A Christmas Parade and Lotsa Goodies

Hello Every One!!! Did ya'll miss me LOL!!!! Just kidding, but really, it seems like FOREVER since I've been able to blog a little and play a little. I usually start runnin the week before Thanksgiving and don't stop til Christmas afternoon!!! Then I crash ROTF!!!

Speaking of crash ya'll. I dropped the Turkey!!! Yes I did. It just slid down the bottom of the roaster, hit the edge, and swooosh, popped right outta that pot!! I was sooo scared to look down, I just KNEW it was smashed all to smithereens. But luckily, it wasn't done yet and held together. I just grabbed him up before any one noticed,washed him off and put him right back in that pot. Naturally, I did not tell ANYONE about our little escape from pot and the one son who did see has had his mothers "secrets of the kitchen" curse put upon his head should he ever tell!!!!

Actually, after all the turkey drama, the day ended very nicely. We went to the square to watch the lighting of the Courthouse and and then the lighted Christmas Parade. It's always sooo fun and funny. As the sun goes down, you hear the loud "POP" as they switch millions of little twinkle lights on. Then everybody "oooohs" and "aaaaahs" It's the same thing every year but I LOVE it LOL!!!
Here are some pictures of the floats. They were sooo pretty this year :-) And the weather was PERFECT!! A little breezy and a little cool. We had a great time!!!!
Well ya'll, sad news, bummer. Jen at Chaos Lounge is taking a break from creating for awhile. But with a little sad news, there's a little silver lining!! She'll still be around at her blog and plans to create again in the future YAY!!!!! I panicked there for a minute LOL!!! I'd miss chattin and playing with Jen and my Chaos Lounge goodies something AWFUL if they were gone forever!!!! In the mean time, she has put her entire store on sale 50% off until December 12 when she leaves for vacation.
I did this layout with Jen's newest kit "Reves de l'amour (Dreams of Love) " What a lovely lovely kit. The color pallet is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Here's a peek at more of the kit. You can snag it at Jens store at Digital Candy, on sale right now 50% off until December 12th.

Kim Broedelet has this AWESOME new Christmas kit out right now as well, "From Santa With Love". I had a blast playing with this. The doodles are so cute ya'll!!!! Perfect for my silly kid pics LOL. I just noticed Kim still has this kit on sale right now 35% off so go grab it quick. It's a fun fun kit to play with!!!!
Here's a layout with my little guy. I use to tease him that all he's getting for Christmas is his two front teeth and he's like NO WAY MOOOOOOM!!!! I want TOYS!!! I've been REAAAAAL GOOD!! Promise!!!! Forget those teeth ROTF!!!
Well ya'll, Scrappin Doodles had a huge sale last weekend and I went shoppin'. I've discovered I loooove Clip Art. It's so much fun to make little printable goodies and they're sooo cute LOL!!! I needed some gift tags quick last weekend so I threw these together. I thought I'd share them with ya'll as well :-)
CLICK HERE to download "Raggedy's" gift tags.
CLICK HERE to download "Leggies" gift tags.
CLICK HERE to download "Folk Art" Gift Tags.

Ok, I'm off this thing to sit and look at my tree a little while and listen to the norther blow in before I go to bed. I loooooove just sitting watching the lights and hearing the wind blow. I'm a silly girl I know LOL. Well, actually, silly woman, but that's Ok, I still think of myself as a girl, and that's all that matters :-) Sweet Dreams you all and talk to you soon.