November 19, 2008

CHRISTMAS is Here Early on My Little Blog YAY!!!!

Well ya'll, it looks like Christmas is here before the turkeys even out of the oven LOL!!! Ever since my little guy had this photo taken he's been asking me every five minutes, is it Christmas yet, is it Christmas yet, is it time to put up the tree Momma, can we put up the tree PUUULLLLEAAASSSE?? OMG!!!! I'm about to pull my hair out. I finally told him tonight, when Momma cooks the turkey, our tummies are full and we clean up the kitchen, THEN we put up the tree. He's the PERFECT age for that last magical Christmas. By next year, I'm sure he'll have been educated about the validity of Santa LOL. Can't you just SEE the excitement in his little eyes and smile ROTF!! I loove it when they're this age.
I made his little page using goodies from Kim Broedelet's December Grab Bag and the overlay from Jen at Chaos Lounge's "Whimsical Winter" kit. Kim's bag is only 6 bucks ya'll and there are some AWESOME AWESOME goodies in there. It's CHRISTMAS THEMED filled full of goodies you can use for creating kits and LO's. Also, she has ALL her Christmas goodies, Personal and Commercial Use on sale right now, 30% off. And let me tell you, she has some AWESOME Christmas Goodies. You can visit her blog here to see all the different previews and find the links to all her goodies.
Ok, you all know from the last post how much I LOOOOVE LOOOOVE Jen's new kit "Whimsical Winter" so I just had to play with it again. And great news ya'll, she's decided to extend her sale until Friday so go grab it quick. My daughter HATES this pic and gets so mad at me when I use it. I dunno why, her mouth is always in that position (neener neener neener LOL). Just kiddin, but it was PERFECT for a "Catching Snowflakes" page dont cha think ROTF?????
Jen also made this cute little add-on for "Whimsical Winter" using Kim's December Grab Bag. Isn't that Penguin Kim made just tooo cute!!! And I just loove the little rag dolls from Kim's Grab Bag too. Just AWESOME!! You can snag Jen's freebie here on her blog. If you do, be sure to leave her a little love ya'll for sharing with us.
Here is one GREAT deal ya'll WONT WANT TO MISS!!!! Jen has put 4 of her AWESOME AWESOME kits on sale for only $1.00. Man oh Man, I have personally played with all 4 and let me tell you, they are some fun fun kits to play with. This is definately a great deal so be sure to stop by and snag you a couple of them, at this price, I'd snag all 4 LOL!!! All kits are just FULL of goodies to play with. You can snag all 4 kits HERE at her store over at Digital Candy.
And I've more news to share with ya'll. YAY, I have my own store now over at Digi Scrap Bargain Market!!!!! You won't find anything over $3.00 in the whole store and as a Grand Opening Special just for ya'll, you can snag all my "Whimsical Graphics" collection for just $1.00 for the NEXT THREE MONTHS!!! Some are personal and some Commercial Use. Below are a few of the goodies I've got in there already. I've also got a few kits I'm working on almost ready to go (one's called "Purple Tweet Christmas" that I am REALLY excited about, I'll be releasing it later this weekend). For now, though, I have a couple Commercial Use Cute Lil' Ginger Folk, for your Christmas pages and kits.And I've made these Commercial Use "Snowy Overlays" for your wintery pages and kits. There are four different ones. Three with snow drifts various flakes and "snow dust" and one with just snowflakes.
Also, these here are a couple cute little sticker sets to dress up your Christmas Pages. The first are "Santa's Helper Elf Stickers" and the second are "Santa's Elf Stickers".
Before I go, I want to share a Blog Freebie QP I made for ya'll using Kim Broedelet's December CU Grab Bag and her "Glam Tidings" kits. I titled it "How Many Days Til Christmas" in honor of my little guy who's just itchin' for it to get here ROTF!!! You can snag it here. Don't forget to stop by Kim's blog and check out all her Christmas Goodies on sale right now and Jen's blog for her Huge Dollar Sale. You all have a safe and happy week. I will be back in a few days to release that new kit of mine and I've won some awards and got tagged YAY!!! I need to catch up with that and spread the love as well so see you all soon. Ya'll stay safe and happy :-)

November 09, 2008

Whimsical Winter and a Freebie

This is going to be an odd post for me, a quick one LOL. Usually I spend about an hour jabber jawing and playing around in here, but I gotta get my tail end in bed pretty quick. It's waaaaaay past my bedtime. But, I just had to get on and tell ya'll about Jen at Chaos Lounge's AWESOME new kit "Whimsical Winter" and YAY!! On sale 45% off until next Sunday. I looove it!!! Here's a page I've made using it.I looove looove love all the sparkly goodies, especially the overlays. I think I snuck in as many as I could on my page LOL. Jen has many different colors though, not just the the blue so here's a little peek at what's inside. I just found out she drew the snowmen herself ya'll. How cool is that!!!
After I made the first layout, I decided to play with it a bit more and made it into a QP. You can snag it at the end of this post. Here's my handsome boy and his sweetie at the prom, a "Winter Wonderland" theme I might add so it was PERFECT for this kit. I have sooo many pictures from prom. After Wendy sees hers, I already know, those teens are going to keep me busy for weeks ROTF!!!! The girls loooove these little "goodies" I make for them.
My daughter and I were "cloud" watching today and we seen this little guy sneeking by so she grabbed the camera and took a pic. Can you see him? I'm not gonna tell you where he is, you'll just have to go "cloud watching" with us LOL!!! I can't believe she caught him. He was rolling along pretty fast even though he's looking kinda lazy here ROTF!!!
Ok, I'm logging off this thing now, got a busy busy day tomorrow. I see I've had a lot of visitors this week. YAY!! How cool is that!!! Thanks sooo very much for stopping by ya'll. As soon as I can get back on, I would looove to stroll by your blogs to say howdy as well so I will see you all soon. Before I go, as promised, here's a little goody for ya'll. You can CLICK HERE to download it. You all stay safe and happy!!!! If times get tough, don't forget your "angel rays". They are always there if you look for them :-)

November 03, 2008

Gettin "Comfy and Cozy" and Jammin at the Cabin ROTF!!

Ooohh, look at this awesome awesome kit from Jen at Chaos Lounge, Danielle Corbitt, and Wendy Page, "Comfy Cozy". The elements are awesome and there are so many lovely lovely papers. Man oh man, I just loooove Jen's vintage frame. I made a freebie QP for ya'll using it further down. This kit was so much fun and easy to play with. How could it not be with such awesome designers getting together for it LOL!!!! And, GREAT NEWS!!! It's on sale right now, 20% off until Sunday so be quick to snag it!!
This is the first page I did with it. My mom, Aunt, AND Uncles birthdays are all this month. I've had so many birthdays these past couple of weeks, I'm gonna need a month to recouperate LOL!!! I wanted to give them each something special, so I made a couple pages using these old photos I found. This one is all the siblings and a neighbor child, whom they still can't figure out who he is LOL!!!
This is my grandparents on their honeymoon. The photo was in pretty bad shape but I still wanted to use it so I played around with a few filters to make it a little better. I don't think it turned out too bad and now we have a restored (kinda LOL) photo.
And YIPPEE YAY!!! I am now on Digital Candy's Sweet Tart Team. This months kit is "Cold As Ice". Look at all the awesome awesome wintery goodies ya'll. This would make lovely Christmas Cards for your families. All you have to do is be a member of Digital Candy to snag it. I loove Digital Candy. It's such a fun place to hang out :-) Once you register, you can snag it in their Gallery. And if you do register, be sure to stop by the forum, say Howdy and meet everyone there. You'll find an awesome group of people!!!
I was looking for a few Halloween pictures and I came across these and just had to play with them. These are pics of my friends "The Saggy Brown Band" playing at my favorite watering hole "The Log Cabin". We had sooo much fun that night LOL. That would be my ex (still bestest friends) hogging one of the pictures. Get a few beers in him and he's such a ham ROTF!!!! I used Leaonna's kit "Tyed Died Flashback" and a paper I had stashed from Royanna Fristchman.
I thought I'd give you a peek at all the other cool cool elements from this kit. I looove those butterflies and that bus LOL!!! Seeing as to I'm an old Hippie myself, I've got toooons of photos I can use with this ROTF. You can snag it for yourself over at Leaonna's store Busy Scrappin.
Be sure take a minute today and stop by Busy Scrappin because it's WACKY WEDNESDAY YAAAAAY!!! Just about EVERYTHING is on sale for a dollar. What a deal ya'll!!!!
If you've made it this far LOL, as promised, here's a little goody for ya'll. You can CLICK HERE to snag it. Comments are always welcome.
Ok, I've jabberjawed til my typing fingers are wore out LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by ya'll and you all have a safe and happy week!!!!!

Happy Birthday To Kim and Goodies Goodies Goodies Every Where!!!!

Ok Ya'll, I have a VERY VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! It's Kim Broedelets Birthday YAAAAAY!!!! MWUAH MWUAH MWUAH!!!!! For those who don't know her, Kim is a beautiful and special lady. She's one of the kindest people I've had the privilage to meet in this scrapbooking world. I knew NOTHING about blogging when I made my first layout and got up the nerve to start a blog and post it. I was sooo proud when Kim stopped by to say Hello that next morning. I will never ever forget that and how special and proud she made me feel that day and each time there after she visited. Another proud day was when not much later, she shared her newest kit at the time "Softly Sweet" with me, my first RAK before I even knew what a RAK was ROTF!! Kim, you have found a place in my heart forever and ever. Big smooch and hugs to you!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!!!! Be sure to listen to "Kind and Generous" on my playlist. That song is dedicated to you!!! Happy Birthday Lady!!!

To help her celebrate and to say thank you for all the love, smiles and laughs she's shared with us, we, Kim's CT team, got together to make a special kit just for Kim and her fellow fans called "Gratitude". Each of us has posted our share on our blogs. A little farther below in this post, you can find my part and the links for the rest. We also sent in our pictures for a "Birthday Layout". Beth from Beth by Design made this AWESOME one with all our pictures on it. Isn't it tooo cool!!!

And Renee at By Dezign made these. She kept teasing us about putting us on a "Good Girl" and "Bad Girl" page. Seeing as to how I'm the one dancing on the bar, I think I might of made it to the "Bad Girl" page LOL!!!!! I KNOW Jen did, just look at that hat ROTF!!!!
That's ok, she's got Jazzy sitting on a statues lap in this one so I think we got two "Bad Girl" pages going on here LOL!!!!
Here is a preview of all our kits together and Beth's Brag Book pages. A huge thanks to Silvia for her awesome previews of the kits!!!

And here is my part. You can CLICK HERE to download it.

Here are the the rest of the links for you. Don't forget to leave a little love and Thank you for all their hard work. And also, don't forget to stop by Kim's blog to wish this special lady a "Happy Happy Birthday" :-)

Andrea :

Beth :

Carol (Crops) :

Kristine (Wench'd Grafix) :

LeAndrea (Doodle) :

Nett (Lady Grundlefunk) :

Silvia (Phillsboo) :

I also want to mention that Kim has put her ENTIRE store on sale 45% to celebrate her birthday. It ends tomorrow though so be sure to stop by for some AWESOME AWESOME goodies ya'll.
While your there, be sure to check out her November CU and PU bags. You can grab both bags for 10 bucks and if you do, you'll get a HUGE bonus!! 30 Brag Book pages made by her CT team. Now that's a deal ya'll. Be sure to grab them quick before they're gone!!!!