July 25, 2008

Hocus Pocus

I just wanted to share a couple layouts with ya'll. For these I used Dawn's "Spellbound" by Dawn Inskip Designs over at K-Joi Studios. What a fun kit to play with, especially if you are big Harry Potter fans like we are.

The sparkles are an overlay I made to use for these layouts AND I've decided to share as my first freebie. YAY!! I've been promising ya'll freebies as we learn to make scrapping goodies so I've decided these will be my first to share. I'll have a few overlays and matching background papers you can use with them if you'd like. I still have to make a few more sets and get a 4-Shared account so check back in a couple days for my FIRST FREEBIE :-)

"Hocus Pocus"
Here is another example of one of the sparkle
overlays paired with Dawn's "Spellbound"
kit again from my last post:

"No Bed"

July 22, 2008

Lucky Charms

Well ya'll, let me tell you, with tropical storm "Dolly" brewing out my back door and these long hot sticky days getting ready for her, I was REALLY feelin like my crystals had lost their charms rather quickly ROTF!!! But they hadn't. Lookee here ya'll!!!! I recieved an award!!! How cool is that. And it even has a crystal prysm on it. Now that's just too awesome!!

Andrea at The Dickensons really enjoyed our layouts and gave us the award. Thanks soooo very much for the smiles you brought this tired hot little family Andrea. The kids were really excited!! It's their award as well you know. They are always tugging at my skirt as I'm making the layouts, so they have A LOT of input as to what goes into them LOL.

This award has rules:

1. Please put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.

4. Add links to the recipients.

5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award.

Sooooo...now I would like to AWARD a few blogs that I really really enjoy visiting!

First HAS TO go to Tragedy Scrapin Anne. I can't get an award without thanking and sharing it with her. She's an awesome kid, working her way through college, studying to be a vet. As busy as she is, she's always willing to lend a hand or answer a silly question. I love her sense of humor and brutal honesty. Sadly, she's not here to recieve it right now. She's in the hospital, one sick kiddo, so please be sure to stop by and leave her a little love and a few healing thoughts and prayers.

Two, three, and four goes to Kim B at Kim B Designs, Beth at Designs by Beth, and Jen at Chaos Lounge just for being the great ladies and awesome creators that they are. They are the kind of creators that will take the time out of their busy days to stop by a newbies blog and leave a little love. That is a very very nice thing and deeply appreciated!!! And from reading their blogs today, they are also the kind of ladies that step up to the plate when a friend is down. That is really to be admired.

Fith, sixth, and seventh go to Irene's Scrapbooking Designs, Dnadryad Digiscrap and Freebies, and Scrapping till the cows come home. I love their blogs. These blogs are fun to visit, well designed, and I love love love to look at the layouts they post. AND, they have the most AWESOME freebies which this sometimes really broke mom ALWAYS appreciates!!!!!!

"No Bed"

Spellbound by Dawn Inksip Designs
Sparkle overlay is mine

Also, I wanted to share another peice of good news. I got asked to be on a Creative Team over at KJoi Studio's so I am now a "Studio Diva"!!! YEAH!!! I get to play with really really cool kits from some AWESOME designers. Cool huh!!! I should of hung those durned crystals back in my windows long time ago LOL!!! I am going to have to figure out a way to share that magic with ya'll, maybe a blog game where you can win one of your own. That would be fun if I can figure out how to do it. Be sure to check back later, I'm sure I can come up with something :-)

July 15, 2008

Fairy of "Just Peachy Keen"

Hi Ya'll!!! Remember last post, I mentioned hanging my crystals back in my windows, just to see what would happen. Well, I did, and let me tell you, everything is just "peachy keen" in my little neck of the woods now ;-) First, as I was hanging them, I could of sworn I seen a glimpse of a smile. Unfortunately, it was gone before I could grab the camera ROTF!!! Then, I went and checked my mail, and I had the best surprise waiting there for me. Kim at Kim B's Designs had shared a goody with me. Her newest kit, Softly Sweet, which, I had been secretly wanting!!!! Now how cool was that! Thank YOUUUUU Kim!!!!!! It's a fun kit to play with and goes well with the "I Believe" kits, perfect for our little project.

If you notice, the last couple of posts have been titled "Fairy Of" something or another. Well, my daughter and I have decided we are going to do a "Fairy Of" series with all these awesome kits I've been collecting and our old photos. Just something fun for her and I to do this summer.

Fairy of "Just Peachy Keen"CREDITS: I Believe and Softly Sweet by Kim B's Designs

Be sure to stop by Kim's blog today. She has made a freebie add on that has an alpha and a few other goodies to go with Softly Sweet. Beth at Beth by Design has made a lovely quick page and Silvia at Our Little Scrap World has made an awesome cluster frame as well. If you do go snag the freebies, be sure to leave a little love and praise for their hard work and sharing them with us!!!!

I used Beth's quick page for this layout. I just looooove quick pages. They make great gifts when your in a hurry...like forgetting a birthday or anniversary until the last minute, which I often do LOL!!!!

"A Wedding in Prague"CREDITS: Softly Sweet QP by Beth by Design

July 13, 2008

Fairy of "Sparkle Dusting"

I strolled over to Kim B's blog Saturday to take a leisurely scroll and got no further than the first post!!!! My kit was on sale and I was out the door shopping ROTF!!! This layout was done with Kim B's and Bunny Cates "I Believe" kit for girls. My "I Believe" set is finally complete LOL!!!

My daughter and I picked out and scanned some old photo's of her to play with. They are going to be sooo much fun this kit. Today, we decided to do the "fairy of sparkle dusting". When she was a little girl, she loooved to shake the feather duster and dance with the "dust fairies" she'd made dancing in the colored rays of sunshine peeking through the lace curtians and crystal prysms I always had hanging in the windows.

Hhhhmmm.........I miss that whimsical happy child sometimes. If your a mom of a teenage girl, you know what I mean ROTF. I wonder what would happen if I were to hang those prysms BACK in my windows. I think I just might do that in the morning come to think of it. That's a very nice Monday morning project, and great way to start a brand new week ;-) You all have a grand brand new week too ya'll!!!

July 12, 2008

The Happy Talent of Playing

My little guy and I had a blast playing with the "Backyard Playground" collaboration kit again today. Let me say once again what a fun fun kit for moms with little boys. My son sat in a chair next to me and as I opened all the different designers folders, he picked out the little "friends" he wanted to put on his layout. He picked so many, we decided we better make two homes for them!!!! These are what we came up with. I think we did a pretty good job for our first mommy and son collaboration ;-)

Be sure to visit these talented ladies blogs and snag the peices of this kit for yourself. I hear there's another collab kit coming next month as well. I'm looking forward to it ya'll!!!!!

"Backyard Camping"

Beckmoore's Designs: lizard, beetle, grasshoppers, jar, frog
Munchkin Scraps by Aeryn: catapillar, turtle, bee, kitty
Kim's Scrappin: background, campfire, tent, dog
Amazed Scrapper: treehouse, tree, sign
Carolina Girl Scrap Creations: fence
Busy Scrappin by Leoanna: ladybug
Lori at Scripity Scrap: grass
Becky GTX: tire swing

"A Happy Talent"CREDITS:
Munchkin Scraps by Aeryn: kite, ladybug, catapillar
Lighthouse Designs by Beth: background paper
Carolina Girl Scrap Creations: sun, bumblebee
Random Inspirations by Monica: dog, frog
Busy Scrappin by Leaonna: ladybug
Kim's Scrappin: background paper
Scripity Scrap: tree, leaves, frame
Scrappin Mamma's Digitals: bugs
Beckmoore's Designs: trucks
Krisi's Creations: word art

July 11, 2008

Fireflies at Midnight

I got really lucky this week while wandering blogs. I stumbled into Lighthouse Designs by Beth and found this huge WONDERFUL collaboration kit "Backyard Playground". What a cool kit for moms with little guys. All the Blogs I've visited so far are just full of goodies for this kit. You could play and play with this thing forever in so many ways!!!!

I'm only halfway through the links but had to stop and play after I strolled into Leaonna's blog and found firefies :) Her kit reminded me of all the times I'd wake my kids up in the middle of the night to drag them outside so they wouldn't miss what ever show "Mother Nature" was so kindly sharing...be it meteor showers, cloud dancing, or even the rare snowflake here in Texas. For tonight, we have "Fireflies at Midnight".

The moon and the little guy are mine :-)

July 05, 2008

My Little Knight

After seeing all the awesome layouts of little kings and knights made with the "I Believe For Boys" at Kim B's Designs, I couldn't wait to play with my son's pictures as well. Definately a fun kit to play with.

My little guy loves dragons and thought this layout was "Awesome Mom!!"