September 22, 2008

An "Itty Bitty Mini's"

These past few months, I've been buying and snagging quite a few CU goodies here and there. I figure it's time to quit collecting and start playing ROTF!! And as promised, I'm sharing my results as I'm learning with you all here as blog freebies. For now, I'm only making mini kits, a paper and a few elements. That's why I've called them "Itty Bitty Mini's", I thought that was kinda catchy LOL!! Here's my first one for ya'll "Purple Tweet". Every thing but the sparkle border is from Kim Broedelets huge CU grab bag sale. A huge huge bundle celebrating her 19th anniversary for only $19 (limited time only so go snag it now!!)

CLICK HERE to download my "Purple Tweet" mini kit
Kit includes: 1 paper, doodle frame, doodle bird, glitter doodle and sparkle border. The elements are much clearer and of better quality than the preview. I still need to learn to make those LOL!! Here's a little page I whipped up while I was making the preview.

September 20, 2008

Forever Waiting across the Hindu Kush

My friend Kim Broedelet, is celebrating 19 YEARS of marriage this year. Isn't that awesome ya'll!! In honor of her anniversary, I've added a few new songs to my playlist for ya'lls listening pleasure this month:-) Also, the layouts and freebie I'm sharing today are along a more "romantic" theme. AND to share the love with us, Kim has made some wonderfully huge huge CU grab bags for us!!!! Here is a sneek peak at what's in them. All here is from her grab bags.
"Forever Waiting"
AND here are Kim's Commercial use Grab Bags for September. It's a huge huge bundle for us this month ya'll. In celebration of her anniversary, there are 19 products in each bag, only $19 for the whole bundle!! What an awesome deal!! Also, you have the option to purchase each bag seperately if you wish, 19 products per bag!! YAY!!!
Here is a QP I made for ya'll using items from the grab bags.
You can CLICK HERE to download it.
For this next layout, I used Jen at Chaos Lounge and Bonnie from Bonnie Van Esch Designs newest kit, "Fall Leaves Fall". I just loooove love love the papers in this kit. That lovely lovely orange paper I used and a Katie Meula song, "Halfway up the Hindu Kush" was the inspiration for this layout. I had to dig out the CD and listen to it while I was playing LOL!!
"Hindu Kush" And Yay!! A big thank you and squishes
to Jen for giving me the "Sweety Award"!!

I'd like to play it forward to

1 and 2. Andrea and Beth for always taking time out of their busy days to stop by and say Hello and for leaving such lovely lovely comments that just make my day. Thanks so much for the smiles ladies :-)

3. Sharon aka Scrapkat for being a sweetie and leaving a little love and a thank you here on my blog for my freebies. She's as much a sweetheart on her own blog as she was here. You have to go read her August 16 post about Can coldwater clean dishes ROTF :-)

4. To Lynn for also being a sweetie by stopping to say thank you and for leaving a little love and prayers on her blog for those effected by Ike.

5. To BeadZombie, a fellow Gulf Coast Texan, for stopping by and saying Howdy and for all the wonderful goodies her and her mother has made for us on their blog. They've inspired my daughter and I to work together as well, she's turned into a PSP monster LOL!! I am sooo glad ya'll made it through Ike OK!!!

September 15, 2008

Bedtime Stories, Love's Truest Language

I'll tell you all in advance, this post will be a bit long, but I've been MIA with school starting and then with having to evacuate for hurricane Ike. I have a lot to say LOL!!!! There's lotsa goodies tucked in here and there so read carefully as I have a special request of you further down.

I want to start off with with a shout out for this fun kit I'd found in my wanderings a while back, "Faerily Moonlit" by Studio Lori. I finally found some time to play with it. I just looove the whimsical fantasy feel of this kit. The little sleeping caps are so cute LOL. They reminded me of how my little guy loooves his stories. He's forever "tell me that story momma, that one about the dragon," or fairies and trolls, which ever he's interested in at that particular moment :-) This is another layout I did with the same kit. I felt like playing a little in my old style of photo maniplation and blending and this is what I came up with. If you love fantasy and whimsy as I do, be sure to stop by Lori's store. She has many wonderful unique kits to play with.
The following layout is another I wanted to play with a little blending on as well, this time using Kim B's newest kit "Spring Passion". A lovely lovely kit to play with. I looooved the purples pinks and yellows. A pretty kit for this pretty picture of my son's friend. Be sure to stop by Kim's blog, Kim B Designs, for all the cool freebie goodies she and her CT team has made to go with the Spring Passion. If you do, be sure to leave a little love and a thank you for their hard work. And, YIPPEE YAY's for me!!!!! I am proud to announce, I am the newest member of Kim's CT!!!! I am soooo very happy as she is one of my favorite favorite designers. Thank you Kim!!!Most of you know, I'm from the gulf coast area in Texas. Even though I'm a good ways inland, we still had to evacuate. When I got home, I found many well wishes, prayers and worries left for me. I want to thank you all sooo very much and I just want ya'll to know, they most definately WORKED!!!! Less than an hour before 100 mph winds and rain were about to hit our town, Ike did a north eastern turn and spared my little home.

I'd like to share the love and prayers you all so generously shared with me by dedicating the freebies I've made for you all today to the Texas residents who were not as lucky as I. So, if you do snag them, while your waiting for your download to start, please send a little love, thoughts, or prayers to the Texas residents whom so desperately need them tonight.

For my first freebie, I used this awesome CU kit by Jen at Chaos Lounge , "Build Me A Garden". She has templates of the elements, some layered, that you can color yourself AND she's included ready made pngs for you as well which is a good thing because my first try at kit making SUCKED ROTF!!! So, until I have a little more time to practice, I've made a freebie QP for ya'll with Jen's ready made pngs and a couple of critters from her fun fun "Climbing Trees" kit. You can CLICK HERE to download my freebie QP. Here's my little guy on the first day of kindergarten. He was trying so hard to be brave LOL!! I'm proud to say, he's doing wonderful and now looooves school YAY!!! It's soo much easier when they like school. My "graduate", he hated it until the day he graduated. He hit those double doors runnin and never looked back ROTF!!Here is another layout my little guy and I did together. We used a collab kit "Little Painted School House" by Jen at Chaos Lounge and Sassy at Designs by Sassy. When I snagged the kit, I was planning a first day of school layout but he was sitting here with me and we got no further than the Chuckee Cheese photo LOL!! He looooves going to Chuckee Cheese and had a blast picking what went into our layout. The apple in the window was his idea "for his teacher" :-)
Look at this pretty little baby face ya'll!! Isn't she adorable. Serene by RW at Busy Scrappin sent me one of her lovely new kits "Pocket Full of Posies" to play with. I love the bright bold colors and all the pretty flowers and doodles.
I really liked how the layout turned out and thought a QP would come in handy so I made one up to share with ya'll. You can CLICK HERE to download it.
And while I was in a quick page making frame of mind, I pulled out one of my favorite favorite older kits by Jen at Chaos Lounge "After Midnight". This has to be one of my all time favorite kits LOL!!! I'd made a layout simular to this brag book page for one of my daughter's friends severl months ago. Since then, several of her friends have asked me to make them one as well. After about the fifth one I finally got smart (a little slow on the intake sometimes LOL) and made a this BB. I thought I'd share it with ya'll. You can CLICK HERE to download it.
I couldn't resist using my "graduates" kindergarten picture. We were laughing tonight about what a RING TAILED RIPPER he was when he was little. Our family and his teachers let him get away with murder because he was so darned cute. You can see that mischevious twinkle in his eyes!!!! That's ok, he couldn't charm his momma with that twinkle ROTF!!!Ok, that's it for now. I told ya'll I had a lot to say this time, but then when do I not ROTF!!! Don't forget, if you snag the freebies, be sure to send a little love, healing thoughts, or prayers to all the Texas residents who need them right now. Take care and you all stay safe and happy :-)