July 13, 2008

Fairy of "Sparkle Dusting"

I strolled over to Kim B's blog Saturday to take a leisurely scroll and got no further than the first post!!!! My kit was on sale and I was out the door shopping ROTF!!! This layout was done with Kim B's and Bunny Cates "I Believe" kit for girls. My "I Believe" set is finally complete LOL!!!

My daughter and I picked out and scanned some old photo's of her to play with. They are going to be sooo much fun this kit. Today, we decided to do the "fairy of sparkle dusting". When she was a little girl, she loooved to shake the feather duster and dance with the "dust fairies" she'd made dancing in the colored rays of sunshine peeking through the lace curtians and crystal prysms I always had hanging in the windows.

Hhhhmmm.........I miss that whimsical happy child sometimes. If your a mom of a teenage girl, you know what I mean ROTF. I wonder what would happen if I were to hang those prysms BACK in my windows. I think I just might do that in the morning come to think of it. That's a very nice Monday morning project, and great way to start a brand new week ;-) You all have a grand brand new week too ya'll!!!


Kim B said...

Oh HOW GORGEOUS IS that little suite she has on! matching hat and everything-lol!
LOVE the LO- it's stunning!!
And I get you on the teenage thing! except mine is MALE! lol
somedays you just want to strangle them and on others squish them to death in a huge hug!
thanks for sharing this Pamela- and for the kind words
Love and hugs

Andrea said...

Hi Pamela! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! And I just noticed that you're sportin' one of my blinkies! Ahh I feel so loved! :)

BTW - oh my gosh!! Your layouts are INCREDIBLE & STUNNING & AMAZING & so BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them all!!! You are VERY talented!!!