August 12, 2008

Yippee's and Yay's Part Two - I've been tagged :-)

As I mentioned in the previous post, Leaonna over at Busy Scrappin has tagged me. Thank you for thinking of me Leaonna and the HUGE compliment of tagging and awarding me the same day!!! That was so sweet and just made my whole week MUAH!!!!

These are the rules:
1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok ya'll, I am a TRUE Leo and we can be a self centered bunch at times (or, so I've been told anyway....yeah, whatever!! ROTF) so this is right up my alley :-)

My Random 7 Facts are:

1. I am and loooove being a back porch musician, meaning I would rather be on the back porch playing with family and friends any day than in front of a crowd of people.

2. I play fiddle and guitar, fiddle being my absolute favorite as I looove looove irish folk music. Listening too and playing along is a natural high for me LOL, just stirs something deep within my soul!!!!

3. Music is obviously my passion and my children are soooooo my magic!!! Both help keep me a strong woman and have carried me safely through the rough seas that life will toss us around in from time to time.

4. My favorite "rainy day" movie is Open Range. When Robert Duvall gives his little speech at the cafe mmm mmmm mmmm, definately my favorite part of the movie!!! My Hero LOL!!!!

5. My favorite "Star" encounter: Myself and my best friend Cindi had been light heartedly flirting with this cute guy sitting at the table next to us, just inches away, in our favorite blues bar "Antones" in Austin Texas. There had been a few winks here and there, some smiles and laughs, and a couple of fun fun hours spent jumping up and dancing amongst our tables when the music was smokin. But the part I treasure most, was the laughs and claps shared for these two elderly, and I do mean ELDERLY women, snazzed up in their Sunday best, just JAMMIN and having a blast a few tables over. It was awesome to see and these two ladies set such a "magical" tone for every one in the bar that night, they had the house rockin!!! All of a sudden the whole bar started shouting "Bruno Bruno Bruno". As I was shouting over the crowd to Cindi "Bruce Willis, Bruce Willis is here", jumping up and down trying to see him, that cute guy at the next table, stood up, walked a little ways from the table into the light, turned, winked at us then flashed this huge smile as he turned back to jump onto the stage. OMG Ya'll!! I will ALWAYS have a huge huge crush on Bruce Willis LOL!!! He is most definately a charming, fun, very nice man.

6. Least favorite "Star" encounter: Don Johnson!! Seen him at Farm Aid in Austin Texas and he had the NERVE to insult Texas Women in the very first sentence he spat out his mouth. Well, let me tell you, Karma bit him in the butt cause not long after that, while he was filming a movie at the old mill in Luling (my home town btw..wicked wicked grin), his daughter was born in AUSTIN TEXAS LOL!!! Tooooo funny ROTF!!!!

7. And lastly, a little "personal" info about myself:-). Where as my mother is "Urban Chic" I am most definately "Old Hippy". She faces her day, calmy walking out the door, accessories perfectly matched...just lovely!! Where as I on the other hand, am lucky if I remember to brush my hair and slip on sandles as I'm RUNNING out the door because I'm late again!!! She swears I was switched at birth LOL!!!!

Seeing as to how I'm fairly new to the scrapping world, I don't know
7 more people to award or tag. I'm so sorry ya'll. but here are 5 that
I would love to tag whom have left such nice comments and visit me
from time to time :-)
1. Snowtig at Snowtig Scrapz n Photoz
2. K at Carolina Girl Scrap Creations
3. Andrea from The Dickensons
4. Krisi at Krisi's Kreations
5. Aeryn at Munchkin Scraps

1 comment:

Andrea said...

CONGRATS on your blog award!!

Fun getting to know you better! I love folk music too! You're seems like I am always racing out the door with flipflops & just *thrown-on* clothes with my hair up too! Yet my Mom taught me that I should always look my best when I'm leaving the house. Well, that kinda went out the door after baby #4. hahaha

Thanks for the award!