October 16, 2008

Pretty Poses, Skinned Knees a HUGE Birthday Bash and a Blog Challenge

Good day Ya'll!!! I have WONDERFUL news. K-Joi Studios is having a HUGE HUGE Birthday Bash Oct 17, 18 and 19. You won't want to miss this ya'll. Be sure to stop by for loads and loads of freebies, prizes, blog hops, challenges and all sorts of fun. Also, every thing is 50% off at the store to celebrate! Visit the forum for more info on the birthday events: http://kjoistudios.com/ See you there!!
I made a few layouts this week to share with you. I played with Kim Broedelets "Softly Sweet" and "I Believe for Girls" kits again. I just loooove these kits. They have by far got to be two of my favorite favorite kits to play with. I found this ADORABLE picture of my little girl. She was soooo mad at me that day when I made her put on that dress, can ya tell LOL!!!!! She was such a little tomboy, always chasing after her big brother and his friends, much to his dismay!!! Notice the grubby little fingers and skinned knees. And only MY little sweetie would put a troll instead of a barbie in a barbie boat ROTF!!!!
And here is another cute cute pic I found of her. I just love how she posed for the camera. This was probably the VERY LAST time I WILLINGLY got her to into a dress. I looooved to dress her up in pretty little dresses with pretty little hats. I knew it wasn't going to last long so I made the most of it while I had the chance!!!!
I found an AWESOME AWESOME blog this week, Waterloo Projects. It's a group of ladies who make the absolutely coolest kits. I just love them!! Here's a layout I made using their "On the Autumn Meadow". This is my little tomboy with her big brother. He always was and still is soooo over protective of her. The last date she was on, he sat right behind her and her sweetie at the movies, swatting the guy any time he just looked like he was about to get fresh. Poor kid LOL!!!
And here is a matching QP freebie I made for ya'll. You can CLICK HERE to download the freebie. If you visit Waterloo Projects, be sure to leave a little love and Thank You for all their hard work and awesome awesome goodies.
UPDATE: I just visited Jen at Chaos Lounge and found out her entire shop is on sale 30% off until the end of the month!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! Her goodies are just AWESOME AWESOME. Be sure to take advantage of this sale and go snag you a few goodies. And even more good news, she is the featured Designer at Digital Candy for the next two weeks!!! Congratulations Jen!!!! So, for the next two weeks, she's having a Blog Challenge where you can win a coupon good for 10 dollars at her store!! You can download the free kit and learn more about it HERE on her blog. I just loooove love her doodles!! She is the doodle queen LOL!!!!

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Kim B said...

OOOH GF- you have been busy- LOL. I love those posed photo's of your daughter- they are soooo vintage looking! LOVE your LO's and great sparkles too! WOOHOO- I'm off to go look at the links and sale- lol

Sending hugs