October 19, 2008

Butterflies in the Wind

I was just browsing around K-Joi Studios shop and man-oh-man ya'll!! You just won't believe all the wonderful wonderful freebies and WONDERFUL WONDERFUL new kits they have!! You have GOT to go check it out!! All the kits from the designers contest are still up and free for the snaggin'. I personally played with many of them and they were just lovely!!!!!

The contestants who took part in the designer contest got together and decided to hold a Blog Hop. Each contestant made a cool freebie for ya'll (available on their blogs), a way of saying "Thank You" for all the support they recieved these past few weeks. If you visit, please be sure to leave a little love and a HUGE HUGE thank you!!!! These ladies worked really really hard and deserve it ya'll!!! The links to the Blog Hop are at the bottom of this post.

Well ya'll, I HAD to play with my daughters pretty little pose picture one more time. I just love how she's posing for the camera. She was such a ham for the camera when she was little LOL!! Now she runs to grab something to hide her face any time I point one at her ROTF!!! Being a mother of 4, I can definately understand and respect the quote :-) I used mITSYBELLE's (one of K-Joi's newest designers) kit "Spring Meadows". It's an awesome kit and so easy to play with!! I absolutely LOOOVE the sticker flowers and the papers are just lovely!!!! This is another layout I made using mITSYBELLE'S "Spring Meadows" If ya'll can't tell by all the violin music I have playing here, I play violin myself and this is one of my all time favorite "Musical Quotes". Suits me too a tee LOL!!! This one and "Music washes away from the soul the dust of every day life". I'll have to do a layout with that one day as it IS my motto!!!!!
This is a photomanipulation I did with that very quote. Maybe I'll share more with ya'll over time if you'd like to see them. I made HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them ROTF!! Tons with violinists as those are my absolute favorites!!!!
These are two more of my favorites. This one had animated waves and the bottom animated mist but I can't get gifs to work even though it says they will, go figure. I just love this saying as well. A few "smile" wrinkles dont hurt now do they :-) I figure we're gonna get them anyway, we may as well have fun putting them there ROTF!!!!
Well, we FINALLY got some rain here and Texas. Thanks to all who wished it my way LOL!! We needed it sooo desperately. AND HOT D#@%, it wasn't attached to a hurricane this time!!! We have just been POUNDED this year!!! And more yays my way, it has FINALLY cooled off here as well. I got to do a little baking. You DONT want to turn on the oven here in Texas when it's 105 outside UGH!!! So, to celebrate the cooler weather and winter coming up, I made ya'll a few Winter Sparkle Swirls to use in your layouts. You can CLICK HERE for this first one.
And then you can CLICK HERE for the second. I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to make a decent preview with all four so I seperated them. With each download, you also will get the swirl paper I made for the background of the previews. As always, comments are welcome and if you'll leave your blog addy here or on 4-Shared, I'll be glad to stop by and visit ya as I looove love to get visitors myself :-)
And, now, as promised (you KNOW I had to make ya'll read my chitter chatter first ROTF!!!), here are the links to K-Joi's Designer Contestants Blog Hop. You all did a wonderful wonderful job ladies and congratulations to the new designers in the group!!!!!

Lizard Dau Designs
Digidesigns By Amberbaz
Panda Bear Designs
April Dawn Creations
Camillas Kitchen
Lori Imel
Schappys Scrapdesign
Stacey Crossley Designs
Cancer Moon Creations
Tripalee Designs
KatLen Kreations
Belanna At Odds
SandEz Creationz
Biebels Scraps


mITSYBELLE said...

Thanks so much for showcasing my kit 'Spring Meadows' :) and I absolutely adore your photomanipulation work and would love to see more of that :)

Chantal said...

A big thank you

Bianca said...

Lol, I really didn't mind reading through your chatter :D Thanks for mentioning us!

schappy said...

hi pamela! thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!!! your scraps and photomanipulations are so awesome. want to see more! hugs and greetings from germany maren

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the grea snowflake sparles. I know I will use lots of them

Carol said...

Hi Pam....got something for ya on my blog...... :)

Leaonna said...

to make your animated ones work on your blog you have to upload them to flicker or one of those and get the html code....then when you paste the html that usually makes it work...I had this problem myself in the beginnging...Hope this helps....Hope to see you back at the store wanting kits to scrap with soon...teehee

Oase said...

Your layouts a just absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for bloggin about us.

Liz said...

oh wow i just love your blog..thanks soo much for the mentions and you have done fantastic work on those layouts..mitsys work looks absolutely fantastic..that music you play is just great i love the violin too and your creative photography work is just amazing you are soo talented and those freebies too...hey girlfriend why aren't you there with us???...cheers liz

Cristina Gallardo said...

Your LOs are gorgeous. I loved them!!!

Scrapping PiNay Designs( rhuth79™) said...

thank you!!

stitchy said...

thanks so much for sharing your talents with e1,how very kind,stitchy

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Livermore CA
Thanks for the beautiful sparkle swirls !!! >^..^<