October 22, 2008

Butterfly Meadows and Lotsa Goodies

I've been digging through old photos again today. I found this cute one of my neice from Spring when the wildflowers were blooming here in Texas. We do have BEAUTIFUL wildflowers. I used Kim Broedelets newest kit "Loryn" from her Friend Series. Man Oh Man I looove that beautiful gem rain I used on the frame. She's got three different colors. They are sooo pretty!!!!
Here's a peek at all the other goodies in "Loryn". AND, YIPPEE YAY!!!! It's 25% for a limited time at her shop over at Digital Scrap Obssesion so be quick to snag it. And be sure to check back soon. This is only the first of her "Friend Series", she's making a whole series of these kits, one for each of her friends. I CAN'T wait to see what's coming next!!!!! Actually, she's a tooon of stuff planned to share with us so be sure to stop back soon for more goodies
I can't believe I've not made any Halloween goodies yet. I don't know why. Halloween is one of my family's favorite holidays. We LOOOVE dressing up and scaring all the neighborhood kiddies LOL!!! The kids usually hang so much webbing on the front porch you can't even see the house!! Then one of the boys will take turns sitting on the swing with a dish of candy in some scary costume just waiting to make the older kids pee their britches ROTF (I make them tone it down for the wee ones, we wouldn't want to scar the poor kids for life!!!) Well, I may of not made any goodies yet but look at these cool Halloween Pattern Overlays Kim had made for us. You can grab them HERE from her shop over at DSO.
OMG ya'll!! I am STILL laughing. I just seen a "talk to your kids about drugs" commercial on the telly. This mom's talking about how to talk to you kids with no distractions. She heads into the bathroom where her teenage son's taking a shower, opens the curtain and asks "do you know what weed is?". He hollars "MOOOOOM". He pulls the curtain shut and she waits a second, opens it again and asks "do you know what weed does to you?". "MOOOOOOOOM"!!! Too funny. I just had another "sex" talk with my recent graduate that same way ROTF!! Hey, in my defense, he did listen, was embarrassed (more about having to talk about sex with his mom than the fact I invaded the toilet LOL), but he did listen. That's ok, they're gonna talk to me one way or another and if the only time I can pin them down is in the shower, than so be it so "NEENER NEENER NEENER"!!!

I've got some "Smiles" to share with you all and to pass on. Carol over at Crops2Dawn has given me this awesome awesome award. Isn't it so pretty :-) Thanks so very much for the smiles Carol MWUAH!!! I looove it. I will be back tomorrow to pass this on to a few of my favorite blogs.
Because, tonight, I am tagging people LOL!!!! Andrea at The Dickensons tagged me awhile back and I am waaaaaaaay behind getting this out. I looove visiting her blog!! She has the sound track to "Mamma Mia" playing on her blog. OMG!! I loooooved that movie. My daughter and I had a blast at the theater. We didn't go see the sing-a-long version but that didn't stop us !!! We were singing along acting so goofy I'm surprised they didn't kick us out ROTF!! I'm like REALLY LATE getting this out so please please forgive me Andrea!! I've had to do some blog-hopping first so I could pass it on .
So, seven random facts about myself huh. Since I've such a big mouth, this ought to be easy enough LOL!!
1. I'm known as the "pie lady" in my hometown because of my pies. Everyone want's to know my "secret ingredient". I tell them it's because they're made with love :-).
2. I'm ADDICTED to "Mamma Mia". I could watch it over and over!! It was such a fun movie.
3. I play fiddle and live in Texas but I HATE playing country music. If I have to play "Cotton Eyed Joe" or "Orange Blossom Special" one more time, I'm gonna strangle someone with my bow!!
4. My favorite music to play on said fiddle is Celtic Rock and Irish Folk.
5. I believe in Karma, you get what you give.
6. I went to Catholic School and my favorite nun, Sister Frances, caught me crying in the hall one day in the first grade. She told me that when I cry it rains but I when I smile, the sun shines. I've always remembered that to this day, that's why I have "Smiles" in my sidebar.
7. Last fact, I have HORRIBLE taste in men, love the bad boys. What can I say :-) I went to Catholic School ROTF!!!

Ok, now to pass it on. I'm am choosing six from the contestants of K-Joi's Designer Contest cause they deserve it ya'll. An awesome group of ladies. The hard work is over and now they can relax and have some fun. So here we go:
7. And the last to Leaonna at Busy Scrappin for putting up with my butt and still wuving me even when I went MIA!!

Ok, I'm through with gabbing at ya'll LOL. Bless you that read through my blogs LOL!! Here's a goody for ya'll. This is a QP freebie I made using Kim's "Loryn" kit. Be sure to drop by Kim's blog for more goodies made with this kit. But don't dawdle, some are for a limited time only :-) You can CLICK HERE to snag my freebie.

You all have a safe and happy week!! Don't forget to smile ya'll :-)


Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Thank you for the lovely qp - I really like it!

Peggie said...

Thank you so much for this qp. I love the colors and flowers. The layout of your niece is beautiful.

Carol said...

Pam, your QP is gorgeous!!! Gonna snag it....LOL THANKS!!!

nancypinct said...

This is a beautiful page - thank you so much for this very nice gift!

Susan said...

Thank you very much for the lovely QP.

Lisbet said...

Hi there

Just passing your blog and wanted to show you the

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fast can find what they want.

Bunny Cates said...

omg, that little hat is tooo precious!

Just poppin by to say HI!!!

April said...

Thank you for the beautiful kit!